A National Webinar on the “ Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC was organized by the IQAC of St. Antony’s College Peerumade Peruvanthanam in association with Marian College Kuttikanam , JPM arts and Science College Lambakkada and Don Bosco College , Golaghat ,Assam on 9th July 2020. 711  Participants registered for the webinar through Google platform & 411 participants joined the Webinar through the platform ZOOM.

The virtual seminar commenced at 10.30 with the welcome speech by Rev Dr Antony Nirappel , Director of St. Antony’s College Peruvanthanam . Keynote address was delivered by Rev Dr Roy Abraham , Principal , Marian College Kuttikanam. Rev Dr Jose Palely , Principal of Don Bosco College Golaghat, Assam offered felicitation.

First session was given by Dr. Binu Thomas , IQAC coordinator, Marian College Kuttikanam with his presentation on “ An Introduction to RAF of NAAC”. He gave a comprehensive overview of the RAF of NAAC and explained the seven criteria for NAAC accreditation in a lucid manner.

An introduction to the next technical session was given by Ms Sheela S , Asst. Professor JPM Arts & Science College Lambakkada. The session was led by Dr. Anoop K J , IQAC coordinator , Mar Baselious Christian College Peerumade with his presentation on “NAAC Accreditation – first time experience”. He elucidated the preparation of IIQA and the online process of SSR submission in detail.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Renji Mathew , Principal , St Antony’s College, Peerumade Peruvanthanam. The Webinar came to an end at 12.45 pm . Feedback was collected from the participants at the end of the webinar by giving a Google Form. Majority of the participants evaluated the Webinar positively . E certificate were issued for all the participants joined in the webinar . There was the live streaming of the entire webinar on YouTube . Generally the webinar gave an insight into  different stages of NAAC accreditation process to the participants.