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BSc Mathematics

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BSc Mathematics

Eligibility criteria: The candidate must pass Plus Two examination with Mathematics as one of the subjects.

Semester 1

Sl No: Course Code Papers
1 English I
2 English /Common course I
3 Second Language I
4 MM1CRT01 Foundation of Mathematics
5 STICMTO1 Descriptive Statistics
6 CAICMT01 Computer Fundamentals

Semester 2

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 English II
2 English /Common course II
3 Second Language II
4 MM2CRT01 Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry
and Differential Calculus
5 ST2CMT02 Probability Theory
6 CA2CMT02 Programming in C Language

Semester 3

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 English III
2 Second Language 1
3 MM3CRT01 Calculus
4 ST3CMT03 Probability Distributions
5 CA3CMT03 Web Technology and Programming

Semester 4

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 English IV
2 Sec. Lang. II
3 MM4CRT01 Vector Calculus, Theory of Numbers
and Laplace transforms
4 ST4CMT04: Statistical Inference
5 CA4CMT04 Visual Programming Techniques
6 MM5CRT01 Mathematical Analysis

Semester 5

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 MM5CRT01 Mathematical Analysis
2 MM5CRT02 Differential Equations
3 MM5CRT03 Abstract Algebra
4 Human rights and Mathematics
for Environmental Studies.
5 Open Course

Semester 6

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 MM6CRT01 Real Analysis
2 MM6CRT02 Graph Theory and metric spaces
3 MM6CRT03 Complex Analysis
4 MM6CRT04 Linear Algebra
5 Choice Based Course
6 MM6PRT01 Project

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