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B.Sc. Mathematics is an undergraduate programme that comes under science stream. The 3 years B.Sc. degree programme is one of the popular courses that is chosen by students who have an interest in mathematics subjects. Students who choose B.Sc. Mathematics has good career options.

B Sc Mathematics 6 24

Our Vision

To produce leaders in mathematics at institutional, state, national and international level.

Our Mission

To make students to grow in their chosen professions and to make them as productive citizens.

  • To produce qualified graduates who are equipped with deeper insight and skills in the field of mathematics.
  • To develop the independent analytical thinking abilities of our students.
  • To provide the opportunity for students to concentrate in mathematics to study related fields.
  • To expose the primary areas and central areas of contemporary mathematics.

B.Sc. Mathematics career options and job prospects

  • The student can pursue higher studies in mathematics and join as a teacher or professor.
  • The candidates can appear for the banking Examination for various posts.
  • Students can also make a career in the finance sector, IT sector and research firms.

Department Faculty

We are deeply proud of our dedicated and innovative faculty members, who extend their knowledge to the younger generation.