• If a student fails to pay the fee on the due date he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 100/- on the 1sl fine due date and Rs 200/- on the 2nd fine due date.
  • If the fee and fine are not paid on the due date, the students will be removed from the rolls of the college and they will not get the ‘benefit of attendance from the date of removal from the rolls. On clearing the dues they can be re-admitted on payment of readmission fee.
  • The names of defaulters of fees will be published on the notice board after the expiry of the last date fixed for payment.
  • Tuition fees will be collected at the beginning of each Semester.
  • In the case of students discontinuing their study, all fees including tuition fees for that semester along with special fees and caution deposit due for the whole year shall be collected from them.
  • Students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, DEC and OBC who have secured admission to the college will be eligible for fee concession. They will be given fee concession on producing the necessary “community / income certificate from the Tahsildar/ V.O. concerned.
  • Students belonging to forward communities who come under the prescribed income limit are eligible for fee concession under the Kumara Pillai Commission Report.
  • SC/ST/OEC/OBC/KPCR students should submit their applications for fee concession to the college office within 30 days from the date of their admission or re-opening of the College as the case may be. They should submit their applications for renewal of concession every year.
  • Students eligible for fee concession, who discontinue their studies before the sanction of the concessions are liable to pay all fees before their Transfer Certificates are issued.