Library plays a vital role in the formation of a student. It is a window that opens the mind of the student to the world. Therefore, we highly en­courage students to make the best use of it. Students of all classes are members of the library. The library and reading room will be opened from 9.00 a.m.


  •  All the members of the staff and students are entitled to use the Library for consultation and for taking books on loan.
  •  The Library will function from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days.
  •  Only writing materials are allowed inside the reading room and library.
  •  Books in the reference section will not be lent out, but they may be consulted in the library.
  •  The Principal and the Librarian have the right to call back any book at 24 hours notice.
  •  Strict silence should be kept in the library and its premises,
  •  Readers will be responsible for any damage caused to books or any library property. To be safe, when a book is issued to a reader, he / she must point out to the Librarian any defect noted concerning the book. Otherwise the presumption will be that the book was quite intact when issued.
  •  If a book is damaged or lost by a member, he is liable to pay three times the cost of the book or Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred) whichever is higher within the time fixed by the librarian.
  •  To get books on loan, students have to obtain one library card on payment of Rs. 10/- each. If the card is irrecoverably lost, request for duplicate card will be considered on payment of Rs. 20/- each. For each card, a student can take two books at a time.
  •  All persons entering the library should register themselves in the Entrance Register kept for the purpose. Before getting books and other reading materials, students should produce their identity cards.
  • . Queue system is to be followed at the issue counter.
  •  The period of loan is usually 14 days including the day of issue. After that period a fine of Re. 1 per day will be levied per book. If the due date happens to be a holiday, books need be returned only on the next working day, except during the major vacation. Any book which is temporarily in special demand may be lent for shorter periods as required by the Librarian.
  •  Sub-lending of books is strictly forbidden.
  •  Books will be lent to the members of the staff on getting their signature in a personal ledger maintained for the purpose. No member of the staff is allowed to keep with him more than 10 books at a time. All the books should be returned as required by the librarian.
  •  All final year students should return the books borrowed from the library two weeks before the closing of the academic year.