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Activities (Sports &Arts)


“Sound mind in a sound body”.

St Antony’s College Peruvanthanam upholds the importance of sports along with academic subjects, in education. The College makes athletic facilities available to its students so that they may play the event they excel at- Football, Basketball, Badminton, track and field etc. Every year our students participate in the following sports events

  • Volleyball
  • Kabaddi
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Shuttle
  • Tabletennis
  • Cricket



The ‘EARTH ‘ without ‘ART’ is just ‘EH’

St Antony’s College Peruvanthanam acknowledges that arts hold equal weight to academics in today’s learning environment as it is vital in students’ personal and educational development. With this view the college conducts different art competitions under the auspices of various clubs to enhance the artistic creativity of the students. The following clubs are functioning in the college

  1. Oratory Club
  2. Drama Club
  3. Reading Club
  4. Literary Club
  • Reading competition is held annually in connection with the Reading Day Celebration.
  • Scenes from Shakespeare’s plays are presented under the auspices of the Drama Club.
  • Competitions in short story writing, poem writing and essay writing are held under the auspices of the Literary Club.

The Arts Fest is conducted every year and there is the active participation of the students in the competitions. Besides, Fests are conducted at the departmental level and inter-departmental level. Many students enthusiastically participate in the Miss College and Mr College competitions held at the college. This year the college organized a very diverse Ethnic DayCelebration