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Department of B.Com Co-Operation

About the Department

The Department of Co-operation is a vibrant community of faculty and students, which was established in the year 2013, initially offering a Bachelor’s Course in Commerce. It believes in developing global competencies in students through quality education and continuous innovation. The department provides a proficient environment to nurture commerce professionals with a high level of knowledge and competence to effectively contribute to society with commitment and integrity. There are related short-term and certificate programmes as well.

Alongside the regular class and course activities, various intraclass, inter-class and intercollegiate activities enable the students to improve their skills.


Model I Co-operation

It’s a three-year undergraduate course, that provides an understanding in the field of commerce, especially in the discipline co-operative sector. The students would be able to understand the basics of Commerce like accounting, economics, management along with the basic ideas about the emergence and growth of the cooperative sector.

Why Co-operation?

 Degree holders with co-operation can work as Co-operative auditors, co-operative inspectors etc. in Government sector and can work as Co-operative employees in the societies established as per co-operative societies Act, 1969.

They have a lot of opportunities in the field of accounting, banking, marketing, e-commerce, teaching, insurance and stock markets.

Add On Courses

  1. Office Automation and Tally


2014: Year of Establishment of Department

2019: Secured University Rank in B.Com Co-operation

2021: Internship in Co-operative Societies

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