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“We cannot always build the future for our youth. But we can build our youth for the future “- Roosevelt

Mahatma Gandhi University has decided to offer MOOC course on Organic Farming to all students undergoing UG Programmes in all its affiliated colleges from 2020 admission onwards. The course will spread across first and second semester of the UG Programme. The course has 14 Modules including 2 Projects. Students have to do two projects, one in first semester and the other in the second semester. The beneficiaries are about 60,000 students from Kottayam, Ernakulam, Idukki, Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts who are pursuing graduate studies in 240 plus affiliated colleges of Mahatma Gandhi University. Organic farming is an agricultural system that uses ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilizers derived largely from animal and plant wastes and nitrogen-fixing cover crops. The purpose of this organic farming project is to enable students to gain practical skills in organic farming.

Report on the Activities in Semester 1

All Students pursuing their first year degree in St.Antony’s College Peruvanthanam, during the academic year 2020-2021 were enrolled in the MOOC on JaivaKrishi : Arivum Padanavum. Each student prepared an organic farm land by cultivating various crops organically in their  home or in the College. The students prepared soil or grow bags and collected various vegetable seeds. When the seeds germinated, they planted seedlings in the soil or grow-bags. Organic fertilizers such as compost manure, sheep dung, poultry manure, concentrated fertilizers such as neem cake, coconut cake, green manure and various types of weeds that decompose quickly were used as organic fertilizers. Students carefully monitored their crops and collected information.The data generated were submitted to the respective Mentors. The observations and the data collected were included in the day-to-day activities of the project work from initial land preparation to the final harvest. It is a matter of pride that, as part of this project, the students planted organic vegetable seedlings in the College campus, in an organic manner and got good yields from it. A committee consisting of a Coordinator and Mentors evaluates the activities of the students regularly. All the students have successfully completed the project and the viva within the stipulated time. All the instructions given by the University have been carried out very accurately.

Project II


In the Second Semester, students are required to do a project on Organic Manure Making. As part of this project, a seminar was conducted on 2nd December 2021.