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History of the English Department

The department was established in the year 2013. We offer Model I BA English language and literature. Along with this regular programme we are also providing an Add-On course – Film Studies.

Our Mission

To provide students with an education of the highest quality in English language and literature.


The journey towards excellence.



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Milestones of the Department

  • 2013: Year of establishment
  • 2013: Under Graduate Programme in English Language and Literature
  • 2018: Chayamukhi International Film Festival
  • 2019: Department Library

Courses Offered

  • BA Programme in English Language and Literature
  • Common courses in English for BA, B.Com, BBA, BCA, BFT & B.Sc Maths.
  • Value Added Courses
  • Add on courses
  • Enrichment course : Communication Skills

BA English Programme at St. Antony’s college

  • Offers the students a deep insight into the world of Literature and enables them to develop a ‘reading to learn culture’.
  • Improve students’ English proficiency in the four language skills.
  • Increase students’ motivation in learning and using English as a means of communication.
  • Develops strong linguistic capabilities through very informative theory and practical sessions.
  • To identify the student’s area of specialization by giving Electives.

Department Faculty

We are deeply proud of our dedicated, innovative and accomplished faculty members, who extend their knowledge to the younger generation and equip them to be proficient in English language. The faculty team includes six members.

SL.NO Name Qualification Designation Departmental Responsibilities
1 Mrs. Anjaly. R. Nair M.A B.Ed Asst.Prof HOD
2 Mrs. Shantimol. S M.A B.Ed Asst.Prof Department library In charge
3 Mrs. Bindu P.R M.A Eng, History, B.Ed Asst.Prof Association In Charge
4 Ms. Anu Premson M.A B.Ed Asst.Prof Department Secretary
5 Mrs. Chinnu. S M.A M.Ed Asst.Prof Project In Charge

Details of Infrastructural facilities

A well equipped Library caters to the needs of the Students. Internet facilities for staff and students are provided centrally .

Teaching Methods adopted to improve Student Learning

In addition to the traditional teaching method, special interactive classes by applying group discussion, question – answer, demonstration method are arranged to encourage the students and thereby improve their learning. Remedial classes are held with special attention paid to slow learners. Interest is grown among the learners by showing them films on different dramas and novels..

Activities of the English Literary Association

An English literary association was setup to increases the awareness and Skills of students in the English language. The following activities were carried out:-

  • Reading Competition.
  • News paper reading.
  • Quiz competition.
  • News writing and Thought for the day.
  • Collection of Books for the department library.
  • Book review .

The students actively participated in all the events. The association helped in increasing the interest of students in the English language. It also introduced them to new ideas and concepts.


National Webinar: The department organized a national webinar on 16th July 2020. The topic was ‘Pandemics in Literature: Past and present’. Mr. Jason John (Asst. Prof. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai) was the resource person.


As part of Reading day celebration the department conducted a Quiz competition on 19th June 2019.


The students of English department enthusiastically took part and won prizes in the college sports day.

Job opportunities for BA English Literature students

A degree in English Literature makes you possible to interact with the world very effectively and confidently. The widespread demand of good communication in English offers great career opportunities for graduates in English..

Department Contact Info

Department Of English

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