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The college was set up as a response to the educational needs of the people of high range area of Idukki district, Kerala under the initiative of late Rev Dr Antony Nirappel. St Antonys College was established under the leadrship of St Antony’s Educational and Charitable Society , which have  32 years of experience in the field of education . The college was estblished with the aim of providing eduction at low cost to all the sections of the society. The college envisions the transformation of students from remote and in accessible areas of Idukki and Kottayam district. Therefore the college finds it’s essential to bring into the students the best possible teaching an learning Processes which the students can engage in.

  • Some of the programmes / activities run by the college to contribute significantly to the quality enhancement drive of the students as well as the institution are:
  • Students are motivated in the classrooms by the faculty to improve their language and communication abilities in written and spoken areas as well as their academic performance. Digital classroom concept has been introduced.
  • Various programs were conducted by different departments and associations in the college, which are:
  •   Budget reviews in association with commerce department.
  • Competitive exam coaching for preparing for co operative bank exam.
  • Internships and industrial visits conducted timely for enriching students with real time industrial experience.
  • Seminars and workshops are provided for students for enhancing their knowledge
  • Soft skill development programs like group discussions, case studies and interview preparations and given to students
  • Students are encouraged to access to the learning materials and courses offered by Allison , BECIL , Rutronix. AWS, NPTEL etc.
  •     In association with ED club various programmes , seminars, workshops and other initiatives are made to enrich the students with entrepreneurial talents.
  • Apart from the academic enrichment initiatives for the overall personality development of the students were taken care of  like;
  • Self defense classes for girl students as part of women empowerment
  • Motivation programmes and orientation classes were undertaken by different departments to improve the employability skills
  • Different add on courses were provided to improve their competence
  • Different programmes were organized by the adventure club of the college like hiking, rock climbing etc for enriching students to learn life skills from the nature. This initiative introduces students to activities that will challenge them but also reinvigorate them to the core.
  • Nature club and agriculture initiatives are made to inculcate an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives.
  • Language department conducts International film festival in association with Kerala film Academy.
  • The college has a well equipped art lab , where students can improve their talents and skills.
  • The college has a beautiful art lab for improving the artistic skills among the students.
  • College has a Binocular for discovering the beautiful nature.
  • For encouraging the social responsibility among students, various outreach programs were organized in association with NSS.
  • Blood donation: Our college started a blood donors forum and organizes blood donation camps in association with Kottayam Medical college
  • Medical camps were conducted in association with health care institutions
  • Palliative care activities : Students got palliative training from Peerumade Taluk Hospital , there by inhibiting a sense of compassion
  • Share is a distinctive program were Meals are shared to orphanage inmates by the college community.
  • Anti drug campaigns were conducted in association with different agencies and educational institutions, government bodies
  • Conducted craft exhibitions and fashion Expo for making the general public aware about the endangered art,craft and cultural forms and also importance of them and secondly how to create wealth from the waste.
  • Adopted Village : NSS unit in our college conduct camps in the schools of adopted village with an aim of continuously contributing to the development of the marginalized area.

The students are encouraged to pursue their higher education outside the national and state boundaries , so that their  world vision is uplifted. There are different types of financial assistance provided to the students in college as concession in their bus fees and college fees.The college faculty and students have been acting synchronously with people and communities gratifying its role in creating knowledge and information accessible to people. St Antony’s College continues to challenge itself to stay ahead of the curve and address the changing needs of its students and society in the most innovative, engaged, compassionate way while providing cutting edge, competitive education. Combinations of learning and good actions from the institution provide the students to serve the people for the betterment of society.

This ambiance, taken together with our multi-pronged social commitment programmes involving every member of the faculty and students, results in moulding the typical Antonians  who, because they work relentlessly at being intellectually competent, morally upright, spiritually inspired and socially committed, are bound to leave footprints wherever they go!.