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B.Sc. Hotel Management and Culinary Arts  in SAC  is designed to meet the needs of students who aspire to work in Hotel and Culinary arts sectors, within one of the world’s largest industries. B.Sc. in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts is a three-year full-time course divided into six semesters. The Programme has a well-built management focus with many factors taught in a kitchen and restaurant environment. It is a perfect platform to graduate with the potentiality to progress in the senior roles within kitchen management, food and beverage management, and other food-related careers. The courses also teach students how to enter the hospitality domain as ready-to-work professionals. The main principle of the programme, Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, is based on customer oriented approaches which spin around making customers contented as their prime objective.

B.Sc. Hotel Management and Culinary Arts 6 24

1.Interactive sessions with International Faculties

2.Practical Experience with State-of-the- art commercial kitchens coached and trained by leading personnel in association with Ronaldo's Spago.

3.Internship in UAE for 2 months each year.

4.Training within UAE for 6 months in the Final Year.


1.To familiarise students with different aspects of Hotel Industries.

2.To impart students with the knowledge in the area of Culinary Arts.

3.To establish strategies to upgrade the ability and operational process performance, so that a hotel can be differentiated from what its competitors offer.

4.It also covers the aspects concerning the improvement of customer experience and satisfaction.

  CAREER PROSPECTS A graduate in Hotel Management &Culinary Arts has various opportunities in the field of: Food & Beverage Service Trainer Online Teacher Food Stylist Assist. Manager Executive Pastry Chef Food photographer Food Blogger Food Journalist Pastry Chef Culinary Professor Chef Instructor         HIGHER STUDIES: Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) MBA in Hospitality Management Master of Hotel Management (MHM) MBA in Hospitality Management MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management MBA Hospitality