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The intention of the ST/SC cell, also known as the Scheduled Tribes/Scheduled Castes cell, is to ensure the welfare, upliftment, and empowerment of individuals belonging to Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Scheduled Castes (SC) communities in India. The cell is typically established in educational institutions, government agencies, and workplaces to address the historical social, economic, and educational disadvantages faced by these marginalized communities. Here are the key intentions of the ST/SC cell:

  1. Inclusivity and Equal Opportunities: The primary intention of the ST/SC cell is to promote inclusivity and provide equal opportunities for ST/SC individuals in educational and professional settings. It aims to create an environment free from discrimination, where members of these communities can thrive and succeed based on their merit.
  2. Addressing Social and Economic Disparities: Historically, ST/SC communities have faced social and economic disparities due to centuries-old discrimination. The ST/SC cell works to bridge these gaps by providing support and resources to uplift individuals from these backgrounds.
  3. Access to Education: The cell focuses on increasing access to quality education for ST/SC students by offering scholarships, financial aid, and academic support. It aims to reduce the dropout rates and ensure that ST/SC students can pursue higher education without hindrance.


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