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A folklore club is a group of individuals who share an interest in folklore, which includes traditional beliefs, customs, stories, music, dance, and other cultural expressions passed down within a particular community or society. These clubs typically aim to preserve, study, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage found in folklore.

Activities in a folklore club may include:

  1. Storytelling Sessions: Members gather to share and listen to folktales, myths, legends, and other oral traditions.
  2. Cultural Events: The club may organize or participate in cultural festivals, fairs, or performances that showcase traditional music, dance, and arts.
  3. Community Outreach: The club may engage with the local community to promote awareness and appreciation of folklore through educational and outreach programs.
  4. Field Trips: Members might plan trips to culturally significant locations, museums, or festivals to experience and learn more about folklore firsthand.
  5. Collaboration with Other Clubs: Folklore clubs may collaborate with other cultural or historical clubs to explore connections between different aspects of heritage.