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  1. Stitching lab:
  • Industrial machine
  • Fashion maker
  • Over lock machine
  • Electric steam iron
  • Cutting table.
  1. Pattern making and draping lab:
  • Cutting table
  • Dress forms
  • Lockers for storing students samples
  • Cutting table with smooth surface.
  1. Fashion art and sewing fundamental lab:
  • Drawing tables with large width enough to accommodate drawing sheet
  • Tool kit – Scissors(cutting scissors, small scissors, pinking scissors),measuring tape, scales, French curve,pencils-HB,4B,6B,8B tailors chalk, Poster colour , fabric colour, Color pencils,Crayon,Carbon paper, Drawing sheet, Brown paper, Canvas cloth, Paper canvas, Poplin cloth, Fusing cloth, Needle (hand &machine),Hand embroidery thread, Machine embroidery thread, Tracing wheel, Thread clipper ,brush ,Grading scale, Hip curve, Setsquare big size ,L square etc.
  • Kerosene stove for doing dyeing
  1. Computer lab

Specific features like:-

  • Used for computerized pattern making, fashion illustration, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Computer with required furniture
  • Scanner
  • Broad band connection with internet




Organizations under Ministry of Textile (MOT)