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Anti Ragging Cell

Our college maintains a healthy and congenial academic environment for the student. Our college offers protection to the new students from the menace of ragging. In this regard, our college has been constituted an Anti-ragging cell.


Anti-ragging committee will be the supervisory and advisory committee in preserving a culture of ragging free environment in the college campus. The Main objectives of this cell are as follows.

  • To aware the students of dehumanizing effect of ragging inherent in its perversity.
  • To keep a continuous watch and vigil over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence and recurrence.
  • To generate an atmosphere of discipline by sending a clear message that no act of ragging shall be tolerated in the college.

As per UGC directives, the college level punishments in the cases of ragging includes:

  • Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.
  • Withholding scholarship and other benefits.
  • Debarring from examination and withholding the results.