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We strongly believe that a fresh, green and uncontaminated environment dispense a sterile backdrop for an expensive learning experience. We have, therefore created an initiative called ‘Green Campus’ in our college.

Studies have proved that students studying in green campuses have better knowledge, environmental conduct and community solidarity. Fortunately, by the Grace of God our St. Antony’s college, Peruvanthanam has all these qualities and has its own aesthetic beauty.

The college welcomes everyone who enters the portal with tall trees bearing emerald green leaves and beautiful flowers to create a homogeneous ambiance amongst everyone within the college.

We also introduce planting of saplings by the students for extra greenery within the college campus and also inculcate awareness’ towards nature in their young minds.

The Campus is fashioned with ample initiatives for reducing energy consumption and utilizing renewable natural resources such as solar panels. We have a Vermicomposting unit to recycle organic waste from kitchen. It is implemented to create the campus into a prototype of ‘no waste’ and ‘carbon negative’ site.

Our college campus is a plastic free region, and maintained green in all respects. Moreover, our college is eco-friendly and we have pedestrian – friendly pathways.