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Department of Management


Department of Management was formed at St. Antony’s College Peruvanthanam in the year 2013. The management department offers a three years Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. BBA is a graduation program that aims to gain good exposure to market trends and strategic decision making. Our department offers an excellent opportunity to enter the working environment at an early stage. Students build a stronger business acumen, which is the ability to make splendid decisions. The department of management provides several opportunities to students to develop skills that will help them to stand out in the eyes of the hiring employers, giving them a broader opportunity to pursue a successful career.

Vision Statement

To be an acknowledged and referenced higher education institution in Management.

Mission Statement

To generate and transmit knowledge as well as to develop skills and form attitudes which are necessary for the successful management of companies and organizations in a changing world.


Always deliver more than expected.

BBA @ St. Antony’s College

BBA @ St. Antony’s College aims to equip students with practical skills, gain global ideas, and prepare for the workplace in the future. Here at St Antony’s course delivery is made on the pattern of total learning by experimenting and case study methods. The students have the facilities to avail expert advice from people from the industry like entrepreneurs, practising managers, management consultants and eminent professors in management.BBA  also offers an Add course on Aviation. Focussing on acquiring professional skills at an early stage, this degree in hand will have a lot of flexibility to further education as it provides a solid base to mould an able professional with all the relevant skills and prepare the aspirants to take over great things.


Department  of Management association “ Bizz Fiesta” is actively working in our college. The students along with the department cordially organise a Management Fest every year. Various seminars, workshops and career guidance programs hosted by eminent personalities are conducted every year on behalf of the department association.