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Bachelor of Fashion Technology(BFT)

The eligibility for admission to Bachelor of Fashion Technology Degree Programme under the Mahatma Gandhi University is a pass in Plus Two examinations.

Semester 1

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 English-I
2 FT1CRP01 Introduction to Fashion Art [P]
3 FT1CRP02 Sewing Fundamentals [P]
4 FT1CRP03 Surface Ornamentation [P]
5 FT1CMT04 Textile Science [T]
6 FT1CMT05 Introduction to Fashion Business [T]

Semester 2

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 English-II
2 FT2CRP06 Elements of Fashion and Advanced Drawing [P]
3 FT2CRP07 Garment Construction [P]
4 FT2CRP08 Fundamentals of Flat Pattern Making [P]
5 FT2CRT09 Elements of Design and its Application [T]
6 FT2CMT10 Traditional Indian Textiles and Costumes[T]

Semester 3

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 FT3CRP11 Fashion Stylization and Designing[P]
2 FT3CRP12 Advanced Garment Construction [P]
3 FT3CRP13 Pattern Manipulation [P]
4 FT3CRT14 World Costume[T]
5 FT3CRP15 World Art Appreciation [P]
6 FT3CRP16 Draping [P]
7 FT3CMT17 Fashion Marketing [T]

Semester 4

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 FT4CRP18 Advanced Fashion Illustration [P]
2 FT4CRP19 Garment Assembling [P]
3 FT4CRP20 Advanced Pattern Making and Grading [P]
4 FT4CRP21 Computer Graphics [P]
5 FT4CMT22 Fundamentals of Apparel Production [T]
6 FT4CMT23 Export Merchandising [T]

Semester 5

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 FT5CRP24 Theatre Costume Designing [P]
2 FT5CRP25 Kids Wear and Men’s Wear [P]
3 FT5CRT26 Sustainable Textiles and Environment [T]
4 FT5CMP27 Textile Design [P]
5 FT5CMP28 Computer Aided Textile Designing [P]

Semester 6
Open Course [T]

Sl No: Course Code Course Name
1 FT6CRP30 Final Collection [P]***
2 FT6CRP31 Accessory Designing [P]
3 FT6CRP32 Portfolio Making [P]****
4 FT6CRP33 Craft Documentation*
5 Choice Based Course [T] or [P]
6 FT6PRP35 Internship (Project)**

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