Membership in NSS is voluntary but is strictly selective. There is a unit of 50 members. Application for enrolment will be called by the programme officer of the unit at the beginning of each academic year. membership in NSS and certificate to that effect from the university will be treated as additional qualification while making recruitments to public services.
N.S.S. Volunteers who have attended special camp for 7 days with 75% attendance for regular programmes are eligible for grace grade point 0.8 at the end of each even semester. The duration of the regular activities shall be 4 semesters. Those who participate in youth festival/National camps are eligible for additional grace grade point subject to a maximum of 4 in a peforming year.
Following are some of the specific programmes organised under the various clubs and associations, quizes, public speaking sessions, debates, discussion, seminars, anchoring programmes, arts and commerce fests.